- The administration & management software for villages & condos

  • Annoyed from creating invoices manually?
  • Bored of creating bilingual reports?
  • Tired of administer dozens of files?
  • Lost money through theft or damage?

will ease your pain!

Whether you're dealing with a village or a condominium: Get in touch with , the #1 web-based owner community administration tool & information system.
will handle all complex homeowner's association data for you. The data will be structured and presented in the way you need it.
Whether it comes to personal data of unit owners, creation of invoices and receipts, dunning, document storage or asset management: We've covered it all!

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Let generate all invoices and receipts for you!

Common fees, costs for services and metered utilities are billed automatically on a regular basis by our sophisticated billing system.
generates every invoice as a PDF file. Print them manually or even let them be sent automatically to the owner by email.

Print bilingual invoices, receipts and reports

speaks two languages simultaneously. Dedicated data entry fields (e.g. owner's names) are doubled. Even when it comes to Thai, Khmer or Vietnamese characters: is happy to serve you!

No more redundant data entries, never be fooled again by inconsistent data

Ever entered the name of a new owner a dozen times in different files? Isn't that tiring and boring?
stores all occurring data in a structured way. One piece of information is stored only once. And if changes are necessary, it also has to be done only once!

Access your data immediately, everywhere and on every device

You know it must be there... Somewhere...
The responsive design of gives you access to community information even on your tablet or smartphone.
Intuitive sorting & filtering functions altogether with smart hyperlinks allow access to the piece of information you're actually looking for - fast & straight.

Avoid up to 90% of your paper files

All data is stored online. Access is easy. And so is collaboration with your committee colleagues and the manager.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel

was designed from practise by a team of experienced committee members, village managers and software engineers. We value what our customers say and based on their feedback, we improve our service day by day.

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There's even more behind the scenes!

Beside the obvious benefits described above, has many hidden features.
Here are a few of them:


runs on the secure, high-performance and constantly improving Google Cloud Platform.


Communication between and your browser is always SSL encrypted.
User passwords are NEVER stored as plain-text! Instead, stores only a hash value of the password.

State-of-the-art User Interface

utilizes modern Web Design Technologies: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, ...and many more!
This ensures a reliable, user-friendly interface where most users find their way with little training only.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

The 4 pre-defined roles accommodate most project requirements.
Whenever necessary, the implemented RBAC can easily be tailored to your project specific needs.

Multi-language User Interface

The User Interface is currently available in English, Thai and German.
Other languages are on the way.

Customer Support

Questions or suggestions? View the User Guide and access our customer support straight from the application!

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Save around 25% with annual billing!

Start with 30 days for free!

Enter your details and we'll create an account for you. No credit card needed!

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

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